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Cafe Honeycomb

Your local spot for fresh, sustainable delights.

Discover the taste of freshness with every bite at Cafe Honeycomb. Located in the heart of Woodmere, OH, we serve up a delightful array of breakfasts, lunches, and signature pastries.  We strive to always use fresh ingredients and responsible packaging.

Seasonal favorites from our kitchen.

Pastry Tray with croisasnts, bagels, tea biscuits

Fresh Made Pastries & Cookies

Baked fresh every morning our pastries are sure to make your stomach happy. From a croissant in the morning to help you wake up to a tasty cookie with your afternoon coffee, we have you covered

Collage of salads

Fresh Prepared Salads

Our salads are a great way to satisfy your hunger while still eating healthy. Our produce is fresh and prepared with love every day. Every salad is commplimented with house made croutons and one of our unique house dressings

Sandwich Platter with lettuce, meats and fresh bread

Classic and Unique Sandwiches

All of our sandwiches are prepared on fresh bread that can''t be beat. From our house made tuna salad or a turkey and provolone with our signature Honey Mustard to our House Chicken Tarragon or Chicken Curry, our sandwiches are exactly what you're looking for

Catering for All Occasions

Let Cafe Honeycomb cater your next event

From pastries for breakfasts to sandwich and salads for lunch, Cafe Honeycomb can provide platters for all your gatherings or corporate events.

Crafting Sustainability, One Bite at a Time

At Cafe Honeycomb, Our Mission is as Fresh as Our Food

At Cafe Honeycomb, we believe in more than just serving delicious meals; we’re dedicated to making a positive impact on both our community and the environment. Our mission is to provide our patrons with fresh, wholesome food while embracing eco-friendly practices that respect the planet. From locally sourced ingredients to biodegradable packaging, every aspect of our cafe is designed with sustainability in mind. Join us in our journey as we continue to serve up culinary excellence in an atmosphere that’s as welcoming as it is responsible
Cafe Honeycomb
Cafe Honeycomb

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